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NOTICE I have already deleted over 600 videos because Youtube has been harassing me and threatening me with meaningless copyright claims..I will keep deleting more videos as Youtube continues to make their meaningless claims against my videos. I have also stopped doing any recordings of performers that have any musical sounds.

You are free to download, share and use for non profit organizations and personal use.…

Youtube stats, 933 subscribers . 436,709 views . 2,850 videos. 247 play lists., Joined Mar 19, 2011

This is a new video 3D slideshows series that Will continuously be adding too. Eventually there well be hundreds.

Random viewers comments posted below video lists

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(slideshows and videos)

The Fukushima Radiation Tree Reports

Play allmany more

Car Shows Antique Autos and More

Insane Chemtrailing Killing Planet HI-RES 3D slideshows

  many more to come

Art – Graffiti – Paintings 3D Slideshows

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3D Slideshows by The Visionary Folk Photographer

many more..

Tall Ships Virtual Tours in Halifax 3D slideshows

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Halifax Historic Citadel Fortress Virtual Tour 3D slideshows

Museum of Natural History in Halifax 3D slideshows

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Historical Properties of Halifax Nova Scotia 3D slideshows

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Historic Fortifications Entrance To Halifax Harbour 3D slideshows

many more to come

Parks and Trails of Nova Scotia 3D slideshows

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic virtual Tours 3D slideshows

Victorian Public Gardens in Halifax Virtual 3D Tour slideshows

Play all many more to come

Historic Churches of Halifax Virtual Tours 3D Slideshows

Play all many more to come

Virtual Tours 3D Slideshows in Halifax by The Visionary Folk Photographer

Skies, Sunsets and Sunrises 3D Slideshows

Wildlife 3D slideshows

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Touring Nova Scotia 3D Slideshows

Play all many more to come

Scenic Landscapes 3D Slideshows

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Native Heritage Park Scenic 3D Slideshows

many more to come

City Scapes 3D slideshows

Random Comments


your recently posted slide shows are totally top notch, wonderful photos-music and graphics presentation.
Hats off are in order, send them to some of those A_Holes you are battling with over there and remind them what soulfulness looks like / they have surely forgotten.  All the best in 2014 / I basically gave up on the FB thing.

Facebook is a CIA hang out and they are evil subversive coverts..I hardly ever do farcebook anymore..I am doing less and less everyday.. Many people world wide are dropping farcebook..

Josey Wales

Wonderful. Every time I have been around water in my whole life just flashed before my eyes.

Robert O’Rourke

and they are excellent,it is okay to share these,as i think many would enjoy your work,,?  ,i used to paint alot like your photo landscapes,your work inspire me to do again,thank you,good day in beautiful nova scotia,robert


Yes and you can go to my website to download the images…I am happy you are enjoying them..stay tuned I have many more slideshow coming..

Josey Wales

Nice. More old memories came around.

Fisherman cove comments.


Dar she be Mate!


Got it. This was showing one view when I first found it, have watched it twice now and still showing one view, so much for YT stats. Nice transitions and music to match the visuals! If people don’t see how sad it is to lose all this then it is society overboard and no life raft in sight.
Many folks still fishing out of that Harbor & what are they catching, toxic plastic ?  🙂

drug smuggling..

+FolkPhotographer Too Funny / Too sad 

Glowing Sunrises Over Halifax Harbor slideshow by The Visionary Folk Photographer



More totally excellent photos and presentation / the sound tracks really give impact to the viewer if they realise that the beauty they are seeing is about to be destroyed by yet another society in self-destruct mode crumbling into the dustbowl of time. 
When and if the next version rises from the ashes and digs us up they will surely say; what the hell was wrong with those people & they did not listen to their own scientists warnings’ placing greed and money above the life of all living things.  The fools rush continues.

Johnny Horton – North to Alaska

FolkPhotographer reply to KeepEmStraight
Hey KeepEmStraight, Youtube screened your comment as spam…
Your comment will fit in with the one and half hours special slideshow I am just completing called “Portland Lakes and Trails” That one is going to shock many people with the two suns, chemtrails and more photos thrown in.. I did hours of work on the presentation editing on that one..

Victoria Public Gardens in Halifax slideshow.


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  • Nadia Stepanek Nice.
  • Bob Renner that’s just down right neat,,,

    The Sun of God slideshow by The Visionary Folk Photographer


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    • Daniel J Towsey I can see from the pop ups on my screen that this is getting many likes but farcebook wont show them along with this photo…censorship.. I think the satanic zionist CIA is afraid of God and they should be..


    This is a sign…

    Kevin Earner

    Its just a reflection off the large circular chem-cloud. If you go to 2.48 you can see the cloud. The cloud being a circle and being the same size as the sun as we look, we see a heart shape exactly when we should


    I have to disappoint you but the sky was pretty much cloudless.. It is a heart in the sky and I am not blind…

      I agree that the Chemtrails oxides sprayed world wide are causing really strange things to happen… These photos were done in 2008 before chemtrails stated affecting images …


    Sorry but that is not what is happening..In that wikipedia explanation you will notice that the light source is hitting the object to cause the description Caustic (optics) they speak of.. Here the sun is the light source so that negates the wiki explanation..
    I am a very experienced photographer and never in hundreds of thousands of photos I did, nor that anyone else on earth has ever done, has there been a SUN of God image like this…
    no matter what you say..It is still a huge heart in the sky produced by natural causes..


    Awesome Photos, Thanks for sharing

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