This page is for some of my photography and folk videos experiences and insights.

I will from time to time post interesting observations that I discover as a result of my public activities…

A message from a truth soldier


April 19 2013..

About under cover operatives posing as hitch hiking buskers.

As you may know I am a well known activist..

Remember the Israeli Zionist Mossad art students that were found involved in many terrorist and subversive activities in the past?
I do many videos on the streets of all new buskers, hikers and street performers that arrive in Halifax..

Unknowingly, I have invited  some of them into my home.
I guarantee you that, that is how they now infiltrate our society and get around..

They pretend to have an income from pan handling by making money singing and playing instruments.. But in reality they are covert actors and infiltrators..
Beware of the foreign fake hikers buskers on your streets..

Some of these are not foreign at all, but undercover agents serving who ever..

But not all hitch hikers are subversives…


Fake corporate media Occupy Nova Scotia interviews.

Just another observation.

When I was doing my photos and videos of the Occupy movement in Halifax.

I noticed that CBC and all other corporate medias never ever interviewed any of the occupiers.

Instead they brought in their actors that just spoke on camera from their scripted dialog.

All corporate reporting was fake..



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