Folk Videos Play Lists A to Z

The Visionary Folk Photographer (02) 50px text.gifThese play lists will always be updated with new lists when they are created.

NOTICE I have already deleted over 600 videos because
Youtube has been harassing me and threatening me with
meaningless copyright claims..
I will keep deleting more
videos as Youtube continues to make their meaningless
claims against my videos.
I have also stopped doing any
recordings of performers that have any musical sounds.

Youtube is also blocking people from commenting.
Youtube is also keeping my view counts low as the view are much

higher when i post the same video link on Facebook

Youtube has also disabled all my links in all my videos descriptions.

stats, 1640 subscribers . 855,065 views  3089 videos since Mar 19, 2011

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FEATURED VIDEO – A Truth Soldier Occupation 6,855 views

See next related video. ‘My Occupation is A Truth Soldier’

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  2. Alexander Tzekos

    He Is now gone to British Columbia..

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    A Truth Soldier Articles

    PublicHere are just a few of my seeds of truth truth soldier writings ..
  5. Braydin Benham He is from Ontario.

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  10. Chillin On The Waterfront

    1. City Scape Panoramas From the Halifax Dartmouth region…

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    Dylan Guthro

    Elsa Hodder Performing at Freemans in Halifax Nova Scotia

    Elsa Hodder and Zack Smith performing at Freemans Little New Yorker

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    Gabriel, Devlin and Kayla

    PublicGabriel is from Quebec, Devlin and Kayla are from Toronto..
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    Impromptu Hillbillies Jamming on Halifax Waterfront

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  30. May Day International Workers Solidarity in Halifax N.S.

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    Mike Desj & Laurenzo Vagabonde (Buskers)

    Million Mask March Halifax

    Mulgrave Park Sing and Dance Playground Fund Raiser Event

    Below you will find the link to all the fun performances and amazingly talented Bands and singers at ‘Progress in the park’ fund raising event to build a children’s play ground in the Mulgrave Park low income neighborhood.This event took place at Victoria Park in Halifax at Spring Garden Rd.Nova Scotia See full post here.
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  47. Traveling Band On the Halifax waterfront.

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    Wheelchair Rights

    PublicThis is a series to accompany my wheel chair rights groups and websites.. Check them out and please participate..
  52. Public

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