Shakira’s Angelic Spirit

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Captures of Shakiras Angelic Spirit(1050px)_



Captures of Shakira’s Angelic Spirit

Captures in time of Shakira’s angelic spirit of pure natural love.

Being the angel in front of the whole fixated world.

Flying on the wings of an angel to all places on earth.

Coming to land on heavens stage.

Coming through the blinding light of God.

The light of God lighting the way for this angel.

If only to be captured for a moment in time in the spirits of others.

Then flying off on her angels wings to be but a vision in our minds.

Having beheld the sight of an angel for a moment in existence.

For this angel exists for us to witness Shakira’s natural and pure spirit.

To know but a moment of this angels love will lift us to the clouds.

Where we will hear this angel sing.

Shakira, the heaven sent angel.

Written by Daniel J Towsey




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