REPORT Cowbay Mouse Statue at Cole Harbour in Nova Scotia

Please scroll down for photo gallery and video.

Below you can see old photos showing the beautiful unobstructed views and the original road. and then see how terrible it is now with no unobstructed views, huge ugly gate,  oppressive signs everywhere, construction debris, ,.. and blocking of the historic right of way road to the beach..

Now you can no longer sit in your car and enjoy the beautiful view.. What a shame.. This was the most popular place for lovers in Cole Harbour that had also attracted many tourists… NO MORE

Click on images to open full sized in new tab.melessa3657mooseREPORT Cowbay Mouse Statue_049_ A Truth SoldierMoose Cove stitchedCowbay_91850GrandHome1241AAREPORT Cowbay Mouse Statue_017_ A Truth Soldier

Published on Apr 17, 2016(Framed) Moose1387REPORT Cowbay Mouse Statue_038_ A Truth Soldiermelessa3666AAmooseREPORT Cowbay Mouse Statue_7733GrandHome1223melessa3661mooseREPORT Cowbay Mouse Statues_033_ A Truth SoldierThe mess has been here for close to ten years…

also see.

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