Cowbay Winter in Cole Harbour

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Winter River flowing out to ocean in Cowbay Nova Scotia

This area is near Rainbow Haven Beach which is closed for winter. The area is surrounded by sea water. It was a very windy and extremely cold day.

Unfortunate nowhere out doors do I not see sick dead and dying trees….and now the government has put up signs saying it is no longer safe to clam dig …

Cowbay Winter_9492Cowbay Winter_9533SickTreeDiedMOOSECowbay Winter_9597Cowbay Winter_9628HHRCowbay Winter_9574Cowbay Winter_9547Cowbay Winter_9602Fridgid Surfing in storm swells of Nova Scotia

moose coveCowbay Winter_9579

Wintering Canada Geese at Cowbay Nova Scotia

 Also see.

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