My Camera did scary inexplicable supernatural captures all by itself

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Yesterday I went on a ‘Early Spring Heritage Trail Cole Harbour Nova Scotia’ photo shoot and when I downloaded my images to my computer I found images that are very scary and I can not explain how this was possible.

I numbered the images starting with number 1. The number 1 image is the only photo I took and then see below all the variations of that image that I found on my SD card..

Below you will see them in original sizes and unedited.. You can download them if you dare.

Some of these images come up blank white when I try to view them with Microsoft photo viewer.

and again it happened see A series for second time it happened..

Cameras automatically create unique file numbers for each photo taken and these photos had their own numbers also.

scary inexplicable supernatural captures (11of12)

I have not been to this location since 2009 when I captured this amazing image which you can see here.

The Sun of God.

go to this link for the multiple high resolution downloadable original photos iof the sun turning into a huge heart in the sky.

The Sun of God 3D slideshow by The Visionary Folk Photographer

Click on photo below for full screen. Right click to download full sized original .


Soon after I posted this image on November 22nd 2009  there was an attempt on my life where I was deliberately run over multiple times  by a car with many entities involved..

Have a look at these photos below and take notice also how they are all different sizes.. This is no joke and these images are what I found in my camera…

Click on first image below for full sized downloadable gallery.


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