Three Fathom Harbour Nova Scotia

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On this day of March 29 2016 I decided to go on a trip along the Easter Shore coastline of Nova Scotia to capture images of the amazing storm surge waves coming in off the Atlantic. Here are the links to the other videos and photos I did.

Three Fathom Harbour on Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia



ThreeFathomHarbour_2814ThreeFathomHarbour_2672ThreeFathomHarbour_2801SheepThreeFathomHarbour_2849 ThreeFathomHarbour_2752 ThreeFathomHarbour_2749

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Ron Doyle
My family rented a cottage in Three Fathom Harbor in & around 1970. We had the time of our life. We were from Montreal & we had no idea how to row a boat but by the time we left after two weeks of vacation we had it down pact. I must say it was one of the nicest vacations we had as children. At that time the fishermen were still fishing & we were able to get fresh fish daily.
We ended up meeting a family that had a house around the government wharf. If you hear of any small homes that are for sale around that area & very close to water would appreciate if you would let me know. My sister would really like to buy a small house to retire..she still lives in Montreal, but her heart is in Nova Scotia, mine too as a matter of fact. Thanks for the video we both really enjoyed it! Bonnie & Ron Doyle
+Ron Doyle There should be some places available..
Felix Siam
dreamy! what a beautiful place!
+Felix Siam I did a full series of photso and videos along the coast yesterday.. Four videos and photos.. I will be posting them on my photo site..
Felix Siam
I saw them, very lovely. I love coastal fishing towns. I’d love to live up on those rocks, on the cliffy hills.. Always been a dream, but I live on a hilly forest near lakes and some fields.. So matters, I’ve left the conjested city Metro that Is Detroit, where the maritime has been forgotten and traded for large time sprawl that goes 100km deep from once pristine waterways..
Thank you very muchfor the beautiful views!! I watched with my morning tea and eggs. Bless you friend…
+Felix Siam Makes me happy that you enjoyed it..take care my cyber friend..

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