Horrific dying forest at Sackville Lakes in Nova Scotia Canada

See viewers comments below.. learn what chemtrails and radiation are doing

Fukushima Mutant Beast HI-RES 3D slide show

Long ago before 2008, I did a winter photo series of First and Second lakes in Lower Sackville Nova Scotia where I walked all day on the frozen lakes that were covered in a layer of water that the sun had melted. It was a very enjoyable but dangerous and difficult adventure trek.

You can see it here.


I just today December 13 2015 returned to do a late fall trek while riding in my all terrain power wheelchair.

I was horrified to see the terrible condition of the dead and dying forest by second lake. So I did some videos of it and you will be able to see the videos below. I only took a few photos of the devastation.dying forest_021_ A Truth Soldierdying forest_007_ A Truth Soldier

Please scroll down for the full sized downloadable photo gallery.

Horrific dying forest at Sackville Lakes in Nova Scotia Canada

I started this video very casually but when I headed across the street to the second lake I had to travel through the forest and was horrified at what i saw..Be sure to watch this whole video. It will leave you horrified and depressed if you care about what is happening to out planet…

note there is another second part to this video that is 19 minutes where I had a very informative and detail conversation with a couple and it has much more footage of the death of this provincial park forest..but youtube will not let me upload it

dying forest_001_ A Truth Soldierbelow is the video I spliced into two parts that youtube would not permit.

Conversations in dying forest part one

Conversations in dying forest part two

Don’t know about or Believe in Chemtrails? (Don’t miss this one)

Published on Feb 14, 2014

Kirsten Meghan is a brave woman, Her inside story is indisputable.

Chemtrail Pilot Speaks Out about Secret Program “Indigo Skyfold”

I uploaded this video in order for all of you to realize just how real this is. This is no longer about saving our environment but destroying it. This is Inhumane because non-humans are instigating it. Protect you and your loved ones as best you can by first being informed and aware, then taking the appropriate measures in an effort to maintain the health and well being of your families. Things are escalating,

Geoengineering Watch

Kristen Meghan YouTube Channel

You can learn about why forests are dying here.




Sackville Lakes_8046Sackville Lakes_8108Sackville Lakes_8094Sackville Lakes_8138dying forest_035_ A Truth SoldierCOMMENTS

(comments are compiled from my youtube videos and my posts on facebook) (NOTICE Raider57’s comments and Youtube channel are no longer available on Youtube you can go here to see the comments on his mirroring of my videos. https://chemtrailsinourskies.wordpress.com/2015/12/17/mirror-folkphotographer-conversations-in-dying-forest/

here is his google + page https://plus.google.com/112320807931661506427/posts)

Sharon Marsh LePere This is a nightmare and it is global. We are in big trouble on this planet.

Dawn Osullivan ttsch!


Yes, all the trees are dying. At New Jersey, USA, every tree has mold on it and dead trees fallen everywhere.

Yes, all the trees have mold all over – sick, and falling! NJ USA

Mac Thor shared and picked up bu other sites.

every time i see stuff like this i google for zigbee environmental sensors and the wireless mesh networks that function them ,i did this as soon as agencies started posting about dead fish floating in the clackamas river (here in oregon ) and blaming it on “climate change” and “drought”.
i found they had approved zigbee wifi sensors deployed the year before ,same with the fisheries ,also wifi’d with microwave spectrum sensors ,then everything dies slowly while they “monitor for climate change”. just googled “zigbee sensors Sackville lakes in nova scotia ” and found a google search result PDF that says “Accelerating Innovation – Colleges and Institutes Canada www.accc.ca/ftp/pubs/brochures/201011_Research.pdf
The Sackville River Association partnered with Nova Scotia Community … and natural gas engines to implement new sensor technology and a model-based ….. wireless MIMO multi-antenna network paired with the Zigbee Mesh Network” so once again ,we have pdf’s where mixed up in all their “scientific research and development” OF OUR ONCE LIVING NATURAL SYSTEMS they have massive deployments of wireless spectrum technologies ,and laser tech ect while they continue to cover up all evidences of biological harm being caused by conentrating miocrowave spectrum blankets accross the lands .
i am in oregon dying from the smartmeters/smartgrid they still claim are safe .i personally watched all bats fall from trees at night and die the first few weeks of deployment here until they ,and many many other species of life ,were completely extincted from this area.
its all about “the internet of things” whereby everything with living cells will be monitored via wifi sensors in everything from sidewalks to streetlights to rivers ,creeks,and even our oceans and forests are now all “smart” while everything dies http://www.accc.ca/wp-content/uploads/archive/pubs/brochures/201011_Research.pdf
+jacmunbong Thank you for the information.. But please do realize this happening world wide and even in completed wild isolated forests.. Watch any videos made outdoors from anywhere on earth that has forests and you will see all the dying trees…

Patricia Loughran
Thank you for sharing this sad reality. Hate begets hate, lies beget lies, and Truth is a true challenge.

Is anyone sharing this video?

Kevin J. Stoll
+FolkPhotographer I did sir. Thank you for doing these video’s. This really upsets me big time. I grew up in northern Wisconsin in the early 70’s. And I’m afraid to go up there and see what it’s like now. I think I will go up there next summer and see for myself.
So grateful to frank for sharing your page I friended your channel! thanks for being here Brother Folk!!
Muffy In Legal
Geoengineering at its finest!  The people are too busy on their phones and making their own lives comfortable to realize that the trees and bees are being decimated.  I really appreciate you making this video.  I completed a video of the Boreal Forest in 2014 which I sent to my MLA MP and Alberta Environment nothing was done.  This is weather modification, solar radiation management, we must take a stand against this corrupt government.
Sharon LePere
I and seeing and photographing the same thing here in New Jersey. It looks like a war zone. But I have to tell you , not all young people are oblivious. My son is devastated by the trees dying. He can’t leave the house without getting extremely upset and angry. And he knows why they are dying. I’ve had business cards made up telling why they are dying and put websites on there and I tack them to dead trees everywhere.

Ashley Law
+Sharon LePere Not just North America – The trees are dying everywhere – Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand all around globe.

+Sharon LePere Hi Sharon nice to meet you please give your son a big hug for me i raised my daughter to see this stuff its heart breaking she just had a baby and is talking of vaccinating…things are crazy!!

I think that the 2500 nukes they detonated in between 1945 to 1997 is what really cooked the ozone. seem really funny that they all of a sudden stop detonating them on the surface after 1997 right around the same time they started spraying the skies with chemtrails. If the people really knew what these idiots have done they be hung in the streets, they have killed EDEN…………

It is all over, the chemtrails are killing everything. you can’t keep creating a greenhouse effect indefinitely. the excess solar radiation will kill everything along with the heavy coating of soft metals day after day for the last 15 years………….

Ashley Law
Yes, this is everywhere cracked bark, split trunks, small deformed leaves, it is the radiation, the nano particles aluminium, barium.
The Sun cycle has been weak now entering minimum so weaker still yet UVA UVB and even UVC (now getting through to hit the ground) readings been very high. Watch here live on tape readings –

Susan El-zaatari This is so sad, and most people don’t even care. Everyone is too busy. It is already almost too late.
Mark Vaughn
Any ideas on how to fix this devastation?

+Mark Vaughn it is to late.. the aluminum is in everything and it will keep falling to probably until the whole planet dies….

+Mark Vaughn The shadow government has too much power now.  They control our governments, media, military and the weather.  Too many generations slept through this and too few of us are waking up too late.

+Raider57 what you say is very true..

Jimmy Joe
gotta question for yah when you say radiation now are you talking radiation from the sun or man made radiation isotopes?

+Jimmy Joe The hole in the ozone layer is letting in cosmic radiation..the whole universe is radioactive in outer space from all the suns .. ad to that all the man made nuclear radiation, such as from Fukushima, Chernobyl, 3000 nuke tests… and we have fried this planet thanks to the so called smart and educated humans..

Jimmy Joe
+FolkPhotographer yes it’s sad all a part of plan Nwo thk u

Lorraine Surringer
This is everywhere – they are destroying the lungs of our planet 😥

I have one question for you.  I’ve been speaking out about chem trails for about 5 years but only learned about the trees last June.  A friend thinks we have 5 years left to live.  Do you feel the same or feel we have more time left?  I appreciate your knowledge and for speaking out

+Raider57 I do not make predictions..but the rate at which all foliage is dying, I think the oxygen levels are already lowering.. see how people today seem more agitated.. that would be due to lower levels of oxygen..

Chernoa FireSky So very sad.
Great vid sir.  This is part of the NWO planned genocide of humanity.  Those of us who cover this are considered kooks but time is running out for us because when the trees are gone, we are not far behind.

+Raider57 google “They want you dead is written is stone” the Georgia guidestones https://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/they-want-you-dead-is-written-in-stone/

Jimmy Joe
that’s right Bro just really were not that far from the trees peace

Thank you sir, my buddy is doing a series on the Georgia guidestones but your page has a wealth of info.  As you say, ppl are with the program and too dumbed down.  I recently went to jail for calling out percy hatfield for lying about chem trails.  The truth is dangerous and illegal

Deborah D Colebank
Thank you for making this .  I love YOU


+FolkPhotographer I understand making predictions is not wise anyway.  I have noticed a big increase in the decay of the trees in my neighborhood just since last august.  The spruce trees seem most affected.  It is very sad that these psychos have been able to take control of the world and we have slept through it.  Anyway, you do a great job of explaining from a Canadian perspective and I have started to share your info

Patti Lugo This is going on every where all the forest are dying by me to.And nothing is being done about it.It is depressing to see because we are next to die .We have to do something but what and how can we stop the spraying.

Sulwen Alasdair Svanhild
So sad…I lived there in Upper Tantallon for 2years. Most beautiful place aside from Alaska. It is happening here in the Blue Ridge Mtns, too. Appalachian Skywatch -NWNC Blue Ridge Mountains

Tim A Hasney Tried telling people when I lived in Canada 2009 how sick the tress were comparatively to the forests in Europe were i worked for many years as a lumberjack and people would not listen frown emoticon

What I don’t get is if they are damaging the environment, aren’t they damaging it for themselves as well?

+Andrea3rose There is no logic to what the insane do..

+Andrea3rose they are desperate to keep Babylon going, they have damned us all……………

Ashton 09
+Andrea3rose They don’t care about nature, they care about money & power.

+Ashton 09
I goes deeper then that they care about an infinite rule…………..

DEADLY Ultraviolet UVA UVB UVC Measured, October 15 2015

Published on Oct 15, 2015

Deadly Ultraviolet has increased, by 500% to 3800%, in only 13 years. The high UV explains why the whole planet is dying. This video shows measurements of sunlight, and proof of the increase in deadly UV.
Chemtrails, and Ionospheric Heaters, are blasting holes in the protective Ozone Layer, hundreds of times, every day!

In 2002, the ratio of dangerous UVB to “normal” UVA was LESS THAN ONE PERCENT (0.6%). Since then, the UVB has increased to a possible 38%, as shown in the video. This explains the rapid extinction of plants and animals, all over the planet.

Scientists in every country, must confirm this data, and work to arrest the criminals, who are behind these programs.

Here are the measurements, shown in the video ( the units are milli-watts per square centimeter):

Instrument______UVA____UVB____Ratio (%)___Increase from 2002 (%)
Solarmeter_______5.0____0.34_____7.3____­______1216 (12 times)
Sp. DRC-100H____3.0____0.7_____23.3_________­_3789 (38 times)
Olec Accumeter__6.05 (both measurements were UVA, My Bad!)
National Bio._____ 4.5___0.17______3.8__________529 (5 times)
General Instr________total A+B = 9.53

Instrument_______________UVC (micro-watts/cm2)
Spectroline DM-254N____________400_____________
Aquafine Relative_________greater than zero_____
Blak-Ray J225____________(44 – 41) X 500 = 1500

This video was made in Texas, when no Ionospheric Heater activity was showing on the weather maps. The closer you are to the ozone holes, created by jet stream control, the more UV you will have.

I predict California will have much higher UV, than the readings shown here, in Texas. To see why, please watch

“PROOF of Hurricane Control, Bahamas, Bermuda, oct 2015”


Dane Wigington measured the UVB in November, 2014, in California. I think his instruments are good, so he has much higher UVB than Texas – about 60% is UVB in his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1yjlhti2AE

Extreme sunburn is killing dogs in Lancaster, Ca, just north of LA.

Horses, northeast of LA, blistering in the sun, with no explanation: http://abc7.com/news/tainted-hay-causing-skin-disease-in-high-desert-horses/235027/

Could there be an Ozone Hole, created by an Ionospheric Heater, at the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake (about 90 miles north of the dying dogs and horses)??? Yes, it is very possible!

Here is a NOAA video, showing dying coral reefs, in October, 2015. Notice the worst areas are in the eastern Pacific, right where the Ionospheric Heaters are used on an HOURLY basis. This is more evidence, that NOAA is hiding the weather racketeer’s extortion/extermination program. Their video blames hot water for killing the coral reefs. Well, how about killer UV? Why is the hottest water located under these classified Ionospheric Heater operations???

Published on Oct 8, 2015

As record ocean temperatures cause widespread coral bleaching across Hawaii, NOAA scientists confirm the same stressful conditions are expanding to the Caribbean and may last into the new year, prompting the declaration of the third global coral bleaching event ever on record.

Waters are warming in the Caribbean, threatening coral in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, NOAA scientists said. Coral bleaching began in the Florida Keys and South Florida in August, but now scientists expect bleaching conditions there to diminish. This bleaching event, which began in the north Pacific in summer 2014 and expanded to the south Pacific and Indian oceans in 2015, is hitting U.S. coral reefs disproportionately hard. NOAA estimates that by the end of 2015, almost 95 percent of U.S. coral reefs will have been exposed to ocean conditions that can cause corals to bleach.

The biggest risk right now is to the Hawaiian Islands, where bleaching is intensifying and is expected to continue for at least another month. Areas at risk in the Caribbean in coming weeks include Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and from the U.S. Virgin Islands south into the Leeward and Windward islands.

The next concern is the further impact of the strong El Niño, which climate models indicates will cause bleaching in the Indian and southeastern Pacific Oceans after the new year. This may cause bleaching to spread globally again in 2016.

NOAA declares third-ever global coral bleaching event

To quote a 2002 research paper, from the Indian Journal of Dermatology: “The highest peak UVB irradiance recorded was 40.2µw/cm2 in April and the highest peak UVA irradiance recorded was 6.59 mW/cm2 in July [Table – 1].”
(UVB/UVA ratio = 0.0402/6.59 = 0.61% The UVB peak in April is because UVB and UVC are higher when there is a thin haze of clouds)

” In a French study, in Paris (48 degrees North) the maximum UVB irradiance of 15 µw/cm2 and UVA of 5.4 mW/cm2 was observed at noon in early July.”
(UVB/UVA ratio = 0.015/5.4 = 0.28%)

“At Coimbatore (India, 11 degrees North and 77 degrees East) the maximum UVB irradiance recorded in July at noon was 32.5 µW/Cm2 and UVA was 6.42 mW/cm2.”
(UVB/UVA ratio = 0.0325/6.42 = 0.5%)

The 2002 Indian paper says that UVB drops twice as fast as UVA, as the sun sinks lower on the horizon, so the summertime ratio is going to be HIGHER, than mid October!!!

Here is the 2002 Indian research paper, which measured the 0.6% ratio:
“UVA and UVB in sunlight, Optimal Utilization of UV rays in Sunlight for phototherapy”

Here is a 2011 research paper, saying the ratio is 5% in Kuwait: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Nikiforos_Kollias/publication.pdf
(Why was the measurement done in the Middle East, and not in the USA? Could the Pacific fleet of Ionsospheric Heaters have anything to do with that???)

Our planet is being deliberately killed. Please forward to anyone who can help!

Errata – at 3:18, I mistakenly said UVC, when I meant UVA.
Both measurements using the Olec Accumeter are inside the UVA range, so total UVA is the two readings added together: 4.25 + 1.8 = 6.05

Chemtrail Tanker Cockpit of Doom HI-RES 3D slide show

Click on any image below for more options. Press F11 for full screen.

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