Cabot Trail at Cape Breton Highlands

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Cabot Trail_4343Cabot Trail_4548See full video play list here.

Cabot Trail_4518 Entering Highlands

Cabot Trail_4538Cabot Trail_5661Cabot Trail_5641Cabot Trail_5645Cabot Trail_5656

Cabot Trail_4556Cabot Trail_5347Cabot Trail_4780 grasshoppersCabot Trail_4712Cabot Trail_4730Cabot Trail_4694Cabot Trail_4543Cabot Trail_4585Cabot Trail_4648Cabot Trail_4616Cabot Trail_4598Cabot Trail_5688Cabot Trail_5792 Iron ArtCabot Trail_4685Rabbit Cape Smoky_5376

Cabot Trail_4968Cabot Trail_4504 Havre de Grand-Etang HarbourCabot Trail_4494Cabot Trail_4736Cabot Trail_4657

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