Bern Art Be Amazed

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This is a project in progress eventually there will be a foliage maze in the center. Located near Lunenburg Nova Scotia in the village of Blockhouse. Learn more here.

Bern Art Be Amazed_2144Bern Art Be Amazed_2080

Bern Art Be Amazed_0867Bern Art Be Amazed_0962 Bern Art Be Amazed_2130Bern Art Be Amazed_2162Bern Art Be Amazed_1978Bern Art Be Amazed_2158Bern Art Be Amazed_0715Bern Art Be Amazed_2173Bern Art Be Amazed_2189Bern Art Be Amazed_2190Bern Art Be Amazed_2228Bern Art Be Amazed_2224Bern Art Be Amazed_2212Bern Art Be Amazed_2014Bern Art Be Amazed_2247Bern Art Be Amazed_2250Bern Art Be Amazed_2251Bern Art Be Amazed_2275Bern Art Be Amazed_2001Bern Art Be Amazed_2030Bern Art Be Amazed_2037Bern Art Be Amazed_2060Bern Art Be Amazed_2096

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