Kejimakujik Wilderness Trek

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Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada

There are many sides to Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site. Inland, old growth hemlock, sugar maple and yellow aspen trees border warm-water lakes with quartzite shores.
Kejimkujik Seaside, a separate landscape, juxtaposes with colourful barrens, granite cobbles and white-sand beaches.
The land also tells the tale of the Mi’kmaw, carved in stone and illuminated through story and legend. Paddle the waters, hike the trails and discover the rich diversity of Kejimkujik.

Kejimakujik Park_4928Kejimakujik Park_1362Kejimakujik Park_1063Kejimakujik Wilderness Park Multiple Treks (Nova Scotia)

National Park and National Historic Site in Nova Scotia Canada.

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Kejimakujik Park_1578Kejimakujik Park_1367Kejimakujik Park_1077Kejimakujik Park_1585Kejimakujik Park_1064Kejimakujik Park_1222Kejimakujik Park_1631Kejimakujik Park_1066 Kejimakujik Park_1224Kejimakujik Park_4961Kejimakujik Park_1414Kejimakujik Park_1075Kejimakujik Park_1271Kejimakujik Park_1071Kejimakujik Park_1458Kejimakujik Park_1514Kejimakujik Park_1065 Kejimakujik Park_1496Kejimakujik Park_1514Kejimakujik Park_1544Kejimakujik Park_1526Kejimakujik Park_1561Kejimakujik Park_1587

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