Historic Greenvale Public School before during and after restoration conversion

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Please scroll down for full sized downloadable gallery.greenvale6367Greenvale School

130 Ochterloney Street

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Did you know that the Greenvale School was:

  • Originally Built in 1891, after a fire in 1914 the new school was built and reopened in April 1915.
  • Designed by Andrew Cobb-the internationally renowned local architect.
  • Built by the famous Rhodes and Curry of Amherst, Nova Scotia.
  • Built so well that it withstood the Halifax Explosion of 1917.
  • Used as an infirmary and a sanctuary for the homeless after the Halifax Explosion.
  • One of few schools that remained operational after the Explosion.
  • A place where dozens of trees were planted more than 100 years ago,and they are now protected as heritage trees.

Greenvale School has a list of firsts, including:

  • It housed the FIRST kindergarten class in Canada.
  • It was Dartmouth’s FIRST high school in 1934.

learn more. http://www.accesscable.com/~greenvale/index1.htm

GreenvaleSchool1414GreenvaleSchool412GreenvaleSchool589GreenvaleSchool1413GreenvaleSchool24138GreenvaleSchool13433GreenvaleSchool_2142GreenvaleSchool_2144GreenvaleSchool_3204 GreenvaleSchool_1585 GreenvaleSchool_1579 GreenvaleSchool_1589 GreenvaleSchool_0119Official Launch of School Chair Public Art


Friday August 30, 2013 (Halifax, NS) – Celebrate the first day back to school in HRM by attending the official launch of Ilan Sandler’s artwork School Chair conceived by this local artist and fabricated with his team at Sandler Studio in Dartmouth.

GreenvaleSchool_0121Greenvale School _9389

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