OINOCHOE Vase over 2000 years old

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OINOCHOE  vase2965Oin0choe

I Daniel Towsey have done an extensive  world wide search
for information on its origin…Antiquities experts from
Universities and curators from Asian museums have all
indicated that this is a genuine antiquity dating back more
than two thousand years…

.The image on the vase depicts a
sea serpent swimming in and out of the water.OINOCHOE  Vase2984

From my searches.It appears that there is no other vase
like this in any museum in the world…vase2987

This Oinochoe
vase appears to be of Asian. Korean or Chinese heritage.
Made of red clay..Stands 9 and 7/8ths inches tall…
Spout is two and 3/8ths inches wide , Girth is 6 inches,
and the base is 3 inches.OINOCHOE  Vase1762A

This vase belongs to Mr.Daniel J Towsey.  October 21,2002OINOCHOE  Vase1764bottom

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