1967 Chrysler Imperial Convertible

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1967 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe – Jay Leno’s Garage

Published on Dec 4, 2012

1967 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe. The Imperial was designed “for the man who doesn’t seek prestige because he already has it.”.

Robert Bell

Was this a Chrysler Imperial or an Imperial?  For a while, Chrysler called the Imperial a separate brand, before they folded it it under the main brand.   I notice there are no “Chrysler” badges anywhere.

See:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_%28automobile%29

“For the 1955 model year, the Imperial was launched and registered as a separate marque, apart from the Chrysler brand. It was a product of the new Imperial Division of Chrysler Corporation, meaning that the Imperial would be a make and division unto itself, and not bear the Chrysler name.”

Everybody knew they were Chrysler Imperials, but they were badged as Imperials – by Chrysler.   It is like Lincolns being Fords, but not sold at Ford dealers.


The windwing is a feature on cars that I really miss. The windwing can scoop tremendous amounts of air without blowing it through your hair and making a mess.

One of my family members traded their 69 Chrysler, Imperial for a 74 Cadillac, Eldorado, biggest mistake they ever made.

Jay Lloyd

NIce video. I had a 1967 Chrysler Imperial Crown Coupe. Cool car. My favorite features were the sequential turn signals and secondary door handles so rear passengers could open the doors.


Air conditioning option was $406.00. The duel unit air conditioning was $605.00. That was big money in 1967

Wes Hilton

Wes Hilton

I am using an original 1350 constant velocity yoke for the 8.75 rear in my 1970 Duster.  I bought the part in a junkyard back in the early 1980s because it was so brutal looking, and it came from an Imperial.  Overengineered is an understatement!
Gary Taylor
In 1970 ( don’t know about other years ) Chrysler road tested every Imperial produced for 15 miles in varying road conditions before shipping it to the dealer. At that time no other domestic automaker did anything like that.

 These true American luxury cars performed exactly as they were designed. They were not sporty cars. But you could drive this car with another five passengers hundreds of miles in air conditioned comfort, arriving at your destination as fresh as when you started. The same could be said of less expensive Dodges and Chevys. Try that in some 1.2 liter British buzz bomb of the day.

Parker Weatly

Sorry Jay, but your wrong. That is not a cast iron tourqeflite. It is aluminiun.

Chrysler stop the cast iron ones around 1960.
Gary Taylor
My parents had a ’79 LeBaron and my dad was notorious for neglecting maintenance on a vehicle. I recall driving the car once and the oil light was on so I mentioned it to my dad. He said the light had been on for a while and didn’t seem too concerned. The next time I drove it I stopped at a gas station to check how low the oil was. There was NO OIL showing on the dipstick! So help me God. The engine was not overheating, it was not knocking, it was running normally. I filled it back up and went on my way and the car ran for many years thereafter. Superior engineering was absolutely true. A Cadillac would have given up the ghost long before I had the chance to replace the oil. “Standard of the World”? What a joke.

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