Halifax City Hoopers LED Hoops

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LED HOOPS at the Halifax Commons_8931Please note I will be making a 3D Slideshow soon.

LED Hoops_8701LED HOOPS at the Halifax Commons_9327UPLED Hoops_8752oooops


LED HOOPS at the Halifax Commons_8861LED HOOPS at the Halifax Commons_8952LED HOOPS at the Halifax Commons_9316LED HOOPS at the Halifax Commons_ghostly

LED HOOPS at the Halifax Commons_9216AAALED HOOPS at the Halifax Commons_9060ALED HOOPS at the Halifax Commons_9107LED HOOPS at the Halifax Commons_9338UP

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one year hoop anniversary

Published on Aug 26, 2014

Video by Ella Cormier

A year ago I picked up a hoop and I never would have thought it would change my life so drastically

I didnt get many tricks in here but the hoop journey isnt about tricks its about letting go and finding flow

This song is a remix by the mastermind : Pretty lights

I’m using a 33′ polypro from moodhoops


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