Halifax Waterfront Quartet Buskers

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Waterfront Quartet Buskers_6065aaa


Here is Halifax Waterfront Quartet Buskers Full FolkPhotographer Youtube Play List Link.


Ukulele Mike_6113AA

Ukulele Mike (Mike Conway)

ZayNab Mohammed_6124A

ZayNab Mohammed (poems lady)


Drums = Struen

Jan Dutler_6108AA

Lead Performer Jan Dutler from Switzerland


Jan Dutler_6020

Halifax Waterfront Quartet Buskers 1of24 Zaynab Recites Her Poem

ZayNab Mohammed_6098A


Halifax Waterfront Quartet Buskers 2of24 Just Four Strangers

Ukulele Mike

Thanks Daniel for your videography today.

At first I was not keen on having videos of my performance put up on You Tube without my authorization. Diva?
I am not so photogenic, hadn’t washed my hair today, and am still a bit vain about it, lol.
I soon agreed after getting to know you a bit better. (Nice guy folks).
I look forward to the other videos you recorded of the four of us all together.
It was so much fun today, with a great group and the crowd couldn’t have been more wonderful.
Thanks again Daniel, Mike.
Halifax Waterfront Quartet Busker_6029A

Halifax Waterfront Quartet Buskers 4of24 Minoni in Japanese

Minoni_003_ Minoni_004_

Halifax Waterfront Quartet Buskers 6of24 Typewriter

ZayNab Mohammed_6089A

Halifax Waterfront Quartet Buskers 7of24 Whispering

Halifax Waterfront Quartet Buskers 24of24 Endtroductions



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