HaliFolks Interview of Daniel Jude Towsey

As seen on http://www.facebook.com/HaliFolks August 2014

“You wanna get in tune with your spirit? Get rid of all the words, sit down at peace, and start being one with nature and start being one with human nature. Being one with everything that’s natural. That’s how you find peace of mind. That’s your spirituality you have to live by and wake up to.

“Right now we don’t have ‘zombies’ walking around, we have a whole world of strangers, because the less common sense a person has, the stranger they get, and the only way you can stop another person from being a stranger, is to start saying hi to people and start talking to people. Share your love.”

HaliFolks Interview


Viewers Comments.

Jordie Hamilton
This guys awesome! He videotaped me and Sam Kerzner busking three and a half years ago and put it on YouTube! Fun stuff.

Andrew Davis Christopher Lynch Katie Horne Will Whiting

Simon Waters
Good words of advice.

Christopher Lynch
ahem… “oh gosh” x2

Katie Horne
Oh gosh

Andrew Davis

Tony Hope Hey you look ready to go to battle!!!








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