Public Notice Concerning Artist Performer Reeny Smith

From: Marko Simmonds <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Friday, June 6, 2014 12:08:01 PM
Subject: Looking to speak about YouTube videos
Hello Daniel,
My name is Marko Simmonds, Founder of RMS Music and manager/producer of the artist Ms. Reeny Smith.

I noticed having looked through her YouTube videos that you were one of the first to have video of her performances.

I would like to say thank you for your support by posting these videos of when she was starting out in the music industry here in Nova Scotia.
Moving into a new phase of her career, I am writing all of those with old videos of her and her performances to respectfully remove and delete them from YouTube and/or any other audio/visual sites.

Currently my team have counted 18 videos uploaded to your YouTube channel from previous performances at the “Africa Culture & Arts Festival” (

We respectfully request that these videos be removed and deleted from youtube as well as any personal computer hosting these videos.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly at the numbers or website below.
We thank you for your cooperation and compliance with this request in a timely manner.
Kind Regards,

Marko Simmonds
RMS Music
Music Composer / Producer / Songwriter / Artist Management
(C) 902-401-1643
(H) 902-444-0448
Renee Smith Legal Issues.

Thank you for your letter.

I have the full copyright for these videos and you have no copyright to them nor do you have any rights to their publication.

What ever agreements you may have made with the artist at a later date has no legal standing or authority over my productions.

I am not willing to remove these videos from anywhere..

You have no authority over me or my copyrighted videos that were done in a public place and at a publicly paid for venue…

You want rights, then you would have to come to an amicable agreement with me and you can not just give orders out to me.

My videos have been online for some time now, some have been online for several years.

They have been available for people to view and or download. No matter what you request, these videos are protected by my copyright over them.

You have no copyright to my works, nor do you have any authority of any kind that can have any effect over me.

Unless we come to an amicable agreement of some kind. Which we have not.

I wish Renee Smith all good fortune.

But you want the rights to my videos then you should learn what goodwill negation means.

Your statement clearly states that my videos were and are not harmful to the artist and that they have brought her good attention and promotion.

You think that you can just request and demand that I basically throw my videos out into the trash and make them disappear.

Your request and demand is not respectful nor is it considerate to me or my production.

What ever agreements you have come to with the artist after the fact has no authority over me.

My productions and publications super cede any agreements you may have made after I published my videos.

Please learn how to negotiate in a fair and just way.

Do you know what Common Law is?

Canada is a Common Law country where Common law requires no signatures.

Signatures on any agreements of any kind are acts that apply to corporate agreements.

Until I sign an amicable agreement with your corporate interests, you have no legal authority over me.

That can only happen if I sign an agreement with your corporate interests.

All my productions fall under common law for the common good of the artists and all common people.

Which is why I never needed any signatures of any kind with the artists.

Renee Smith was asked by me every time I did the videos of her and her performances, If I could do videos of her performances and If I could publish them. She agreed to this and my videos having been online for several years now clearly prove this.

This agreement is clearly visible by her actions and response to me, as can be seen in my videos.

My taking down these videos would actually do me harm and would cause the effect of my losing the public witnessing by their viewing of such.

Please note that your correspondences with me are not confidential and will be published on my website at

I am publishing this for my protection and to make them a pubic record. This is for my protection as your requests and demands have not been done in amicable good faith.

I took offense to your request demand, when you asked that I delete all my works of Renee Smith from my own computer. You lost my respect when you showed me no respect for my works.

Signed and written by Daniel J Towsey The Visionary Folk Photographer on June 6 2014


Re: Looking to speak about YouTube videos

Hello Mr Townsey,

As stated in my previous email, I would like to say thank you for your support by posting these videos of artists in the music industry here in Nova Scotia, particularly of Reeny Smith. 
We value the amount of work you have put forth in posting these videos and we applaud your passion to capture many events throughout the HRM and Nova Scotia
I am fully aware of your ownership of the video recordings as by law you have copyright as publisher of the youtube videos, hence my reaching out to you as owner of video recording. I respect your decision not to remove the video and will accept it as so. In leu of this fact, we respectfully request that you include her website on some or all of the videos, as it would be great help for her as an aspiring artists while showing your continued support for home-grown Nova Scotia Talent. 
If you are able to agree to this simple request please include her website in the description below the videos, that would be a great help.
Kind regards,
Marko Simmonds

Response from Daniel J Towsey

I believe if you were to look at the main play list page and her videos you will notice that all her information and her other websites are already listed..

Plus I have always offered that to artists. I always list what ever information they want to add in the description for their videos..I even do a search online to see if I can find any more information about the artists that I can add in the description.

One more thought for you. Many artists have been very grateful and have benefited by my doing all this work for free. Many artists have advanced their careers thanks to my free contribution.

So leaving their modest early videos up only adds to the value of what I do and shows others that they to can achieve more thanks to my free exposure of their talent..

  • Daniel J Towsey

Hello Mr. Townsey,

I totally agree that your free contribution has definitely contributed to the success of many artists. As I stated in my previous email “We respect the amount of work you have put forth in posting these videos and we applaud your passion to capture many events throughout the HRM and Nova Scotia. I am simply speaking on behave of my artist to make certain that all videos and/or information on the Internet is consist and up-to-date. By doing this, I am in no way questioning your contribution to the artistic community, we are simply doing the business for our client.
Currently on your main play list there is a misspelling of her name “Renee” in addition to websites that have sense been expired.
Once again we at RMS Music respectfully request that this information be updated with the following information below (Please copy and paste the info. provided below) as to be consistent with future videos we will be posting in the near future of  the artists, Reeny Smith. 
Finally, please accept our apology for any confusion or misinterpretation which may have been perceived throughout our correspondence today. 
We thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reply or simply call the numbers below
Kind Regards,
Please copy and paste:
Public Notice Concerning Artist Performer Reeny Smith. Please visit her official website:  Facebook: Twitter:

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