Legal Notice Concerning Valentin Geslin and Maïlys Thanel February 5 2014

Below I Daniel J Towsey am posting an email correspondence for legal reasons to protect my interests and to be witnessed by the public.

Making this a public document for legal records that are now unmissable in court.


Email received from

  • Elsedor Gobye
  • Today at 9:26 AM

Hello Daniel, it’s Valentin Geslin and Maïlys Thanel, from Halifax (april 2013)

I contact you to ask you to please remove the videos you got from us off the internet, all of them.
Let’s do this the easy way please, you and I don’t want me to ask youtube to do that for you.
Thank you,

Daniel J Towsey reply Re: videos mailys valentin

We all entered into an agreement for me to do these videos and to upload them to my youtube channel.

Them being online this long proves it…

I have the copyright. production rights and the right to publish them.

Which you both agreed to.

The only time a further agreement would be required is if I plan on profiting financially in anyway from the video.

At which time I would contact the artists.

But I do not sell any of my videos at anytime to anyone.

I even refused youtube to pay me for the ads they run on any of my videos.

Your impolite request gives me no cause to give up all the hours of work I did and the cost for producing the videos.

It is now beyond reasonable time for you to request they be removed.

I always agree within a reasonable time to let the artists review the videos and if they for some good reason do not like them I would remove them.

But for legal reasons and to protect myself after a long duration, I will not take them down…

One of many reasons why I can not take them down is that if by now someone has downloaded them and reuploaded them someplace.

In case of that they have to stay up as with the upload includes legal notice and copyright notices to the world.

Those notices are the legal protection required by law to protect the videos from being copied or used by anyone else.

So if I take them down the notice can no longer be confirmed or viewed.

So that after which anyone can do what ever they want as I would not be able to prove under what conditions I put them  online and who actually produced the videos.

and other reasons are such as I do not like to be used..

How do I know you have not profited from these videos?

How do I know you have not downloaded them?

How do I know if you have not improved your life by having these videos viewable.

Many artists have furthered their careers thanks to my producing videos for free that they were then able to use to promote their careers..

You have not given any considerations as to why I might be willing to take them down.

All you did was just threaten me with Youtube for no just cause reason such as my violating our legal agreement.

By the way.

I have decided to publish this email communication between you and I on my website.

I am doing this for my protection from you and youtube.

As my publishing this makes it a public document admissible in court.

Sincerely Daniel J Towsey Dated this day February 5 2014


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