St. Paul’s Anglican Church (1750)

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St. Paul’s Anglican Church,
1749 Argyle Street, Halifax, N.S.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church is Halifax’s first and oldest church.
It was founded 1749. It is the oldest protestant church in Canada and is Halifax’s oldest building.
It opened for worship in 1750, although there were no pews at that point.

The building is in the classic Georgian architectural style, a very simple elegant structure; constructed of timber (oak and pine) from Boston and Portsmouth,

New Hampshire and with beautiful stained glass windows.

For many years, the church featured the sounds of an organ that was captured by privateers as it was being transported to Spanish America.

The church’s three bells were made in London in 1812.
In view of the lack of other places of worship, St. Paul’s offered a place for other denominations to gather in the early days of Halifax.
It is said to have more memorial tablets on its walls than any other church building in North America;

they form a fascinating record of the early settlers, many of whom occupy significant places in the history of Halifax and Nova Scotia.
Anglican services were Sunday mornings, with Dissenters holding services on Sunday afternoons.
There were also occassional services for the Mi’kmaq in their native language.

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