The Halifax Parade Of Lights

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The Halifax Parade Of Lights (01of12) Police Set Me Up Again

This first video below was after I got singled out and set up by Zionist operatives. I was sitting in front of and near the crowd control railing behind me and I had a friend sitting on my left and a wheelchair to my right.

Then the black husky Police officer comes overs and tells me that I have to move and told me to go over and park my chair in front of a bunch of children sitting on the ground. So then a drunk heckler starts harassing me and screaming rudely at me because he claimed I was blocking people from viewing.

I knew this was a deliberate targeting of me and a set up when I said it was the Police officer that told me to park there in my wheelchair.

The officer backed away while the Zionist covert operative when on to cause me difficulties. The Police officer should of resolved the problem he deliberately caused.

But when I started to speak up for my rights. The Police officer came back to harass me. And moved in threateningly aggressive and close to me. So I quickly pulled away and kept speaking loud so all the people there could hear and see what was being done to me.

Then the Police officer told me I would have to leave.

I then asked him to call his supervisor. So this video starts as the police supervisor showed up on the motorcycle.

Maybe they do not like my signs on my wheelchair?

PROMO Wheelchair

Viewers Comments

  • Daniel J Towsey I think they do not like my anonymous face and my signs on my chair.

    Daniel J Towsey's photo.
  • Daniel Rene Williams Daniel, maybe you are making up these stories.
    November 19 at 3:03am
  • Daniel Rene Williams I have witnessed the coldness of the doctors when a child is laying in a bed dying, I pray that they choke on their Porsches.
  • Daniel J Towsey Daniel Rene I am will aware of covert gang stalking.. but it is much more serious when the police are the ones doing it to me..
  • Nadia Stepanek You are good person..
  • Keep Em Straight Well it is all documented now, they would be real stupid to continue. But that they are.
  • Christian Sanschaines Towsey those fucking assholes will never quit and leave you alone…..
  • Daniel J Towsey Everytime I go out now they are agressively coming after me..
  • Keep Em Straight keep the camera running, also a good Idea to have a hidden audio recording device for when they think they are off camera…. Catch them with their own tricks. You have the legal right to record any conversation which you are part of and you do not have to tell the other people they are being recorded.. I checked up on that some time ago, count on it. At least in BC.
  • Peoplestandup CA We live in an area where elected politicians ignore the needs of their constituents, where the judiciary and police institutions will not uphold the rights of citizens, where the media is afraid to report the truth, where lawlessness abounds and ordinary people are left unprotected and defenseless against the rapacity of a few. The answer to our dilemma is for people of courage to actively help each other. Only if we unite can we succeed. That is the only way. There is no other way. People, stand up! Thank for your courage not many will stand like you!
  • Keep Em Straight  110% right on. Problem is like I have said before, the reality seems to be we are in a world on Me’s who don’t realy get the concept of becoming We’, except for a little click here and there. Little we’s, we need big we’s to attack the source of these problems not just one symptom.. Don’t know if they will ever catch on, people have tried for centuries and failed. The nature of the beast is a tough one to change. Thanks for trying and to all those who do not fit the above descriptive. There are a few of us we’s out here.
  • Daniel Rene Williams Former Targeted Individual, one tiny incident, sat down on the curb with two pretty college girls and wrote down my antiwar web page address, when I stood up and walked away, some assclown behind me said: “Some guys just come her to pick up women.”
  • Keep Em Straight Sorry to hear that troubles follow you everywhere, stay cool you did a good job on handling the situation. One of the officers sounded like a right on dude with understanding.
  • Laura Ludwig its is shameful that people do not have concern or respect for people in wheel chairs. I could not live with myself if I behaved that badly,
  • Daniel J Towsey Recent this guy walked up to me when I was at the Halifax waterfront..he shows me his star of David tattoo and basic threaten me by saying that the Zionists do not like what I am saying and he says I will pray for you insinuating that I was going to die…
  • Laura Ludwig wow, unbelievable how horrible people can be. I honestly think you are not only a truth soldier but also a light warrior, you have to have a protective light surrounding you from all that you have been through,.
  • Daniel J Towsey Yes I do..that is for sure..My spirit is not alone..The universe is full of spirits..That is what to ascend to…the spirit world..but only purity in truth gets you there…

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