Dead Dying Sick Bees And Plants Up Close Videos and Photos 2013

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Sick Dying Trees and Chemtrails at The Halifax Commons

Go here to get all the reports about chemtrails.

Dead Bees - Nano Fibers - Sick Trees - Chemtrails

Watch bee dying after landing in flower (Fukushima Radiation?)

Published on Oct 18, 2012 12,705 Views


Dead Dying Bees Halifax Public Gardens Oct 2013

Dead Dying Bees Halifax Public Gardens

Sick Trees Halifax Public Gardens

Sick Trees Halifax Public Gardens


Bees and Trees Dying in Halifax (Compilation)

Published on Oct 20, 2012



Look at the long term picture, thousands of years and more … we’re just like a cancer on the planet … time to get wiped out. And start over. Maybe that’s what’s going on. Consider you’re in the city too, Fukishima radiation or just the filth of Halifax with all the car exhaust. I don’t see this as bad in the country of NS. 1enoykcul

have you ordered your container of bee pollen from the net. very healthy no? well I have some but I hope it isn’t from those flowers. could the insecticide companies have changed there formula’s to intentionally kill bees as part of an “Iron Mountain” type agenda? google it and very the full documentary if you don’t know about it? cheers. William Weber

This is happening in VancouverBC also.Thank you for the video. gail zawacki

google dahlia and insecticide or fungicide. They tend to get treated with a lot of chemicals. That’s is quite likely what is killing the bees. Klaas Batema

I think you smoked to much of the green stuf Melinda. Melinda Mermaid

There are life forms consuming the trees. They are made of energy. They’re intelligent. They may be telepathic. They’re eating up EVERYTHING. And they are growing. They’re insectoid, viral, fungal, and use reverse polarities and frequency fields to hide. It’s like a giant locust swarm. FolkPhotographer

See this  jacmunbong

thanks for documenting hurts me so much to see this isnt just where im at.

Link to full play list.for Trees Plants & Bees Dying from Radiation (Fukushima)


Bee dies on flower..radioactive chemtrails killing everything..


Bee dies on flower..radioactive chemtrails killing everything

Published on Oct 18, 2012

Strange Growth On Trees_8589ChemtrailsInOurSkies_6575

Holding flower with dead fat bee on it (1of2)

Published on Oct 6, 2012

Sick Trees and Plants Halifax N.S. Canada 2013

Please go to this link for the full sized high resolution photos. Free to download.


  • Betty Jo That is just so sad
  • Lora Catherine Seeing exactly the same in western Colorado.

    Here in this photo gallery you will see what the foliage looks like due to Chemtrails and Radiation fall out which may explain why the bees are dying.

    Click on image in gallery for more options. Press F11 for full screen.

Canada, Ban Honey Bee Killing Pesticides Now! PETITION

  • author: Sophie Care
  • target: Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Industry
  • signatures: 14,233
  • 37 million bees have died at just one Ontario honey farm this year. The staggering number of dead honey bees in North America has garnered a lot of attention, and many beekeepers feel that pesticides and pesticide-laced seeds are to blame. According to the Toronto Star, the pesticide in question (neonicotinoids) has been used on virtually all corn seeds in the Province of Ontario since 2004.  That’s nearly 10 years of bee poisoning.   The EU has implemented a mandatory two-year ban on the pesticide.  But North America is still far behind, continuing to use the pesticide while conducting drawn out investigations.   Health Canada has the authority to mandate a ban like the EU. Demand that Health Canada take action and ban toxic pesticides. The honeybee population in Canada and abroad depend on it. 

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