Dalhousie University – Sexton Campus

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Much of Dalhousie University is built on the peoples Halifax Commons lands.

Please go to this link to learn about the history of the Halifax Commons and how it is being stolen and privatized for corporate interests.


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The Dalhousie Dead – An Action to Demonstrate the Scary Reality of Dalhousie


Professors are leaving, programs are being cut and services are underfunded. We worry that our education is being degraded as a result. 

Join faculty, students and staff to remember the loss of the things we value about Dalhousie. We’ll write the many things that we’ve lost on tombstones and arrange them into a graveyard on the quad for all to see. 

Join us from 11-2 to make a tombstone with your personal message, to hand out promotional material, get petition signatures and meet others as scared about where Dal is going as you are. If you can’t make it send a message to dalunited@gmail.com for it to be anonymously posted on online and made into tombstones on your behalf.

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The Student Loan Debt Bubble Is Creating Millions Of Modern Day Serfs


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