Mark Howitt – March For Freedom – World Public Union

Mark Howitt reaches the end of his March in Halifax Nova Scotia.

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World Public Union founder Mark Howitt has put his life on hold to march across Eastern Canada and spread awareness about global issues and the need for change, while documenting his journey for a reality show called “March of Freedom”



Chakra Harmony – 05 – Global Takeover (demo version)

Mark Howitt - March of Freedom_3944A

Mark in Halifax

Mark Howitt — March For Freedom (Halifax N.S) World Public Union

Mark does documentary videos. Mark arrives in Halifax Nova Scotia at the end of a three month walk from Ontario to Nova Scotia collecting video interviews for his new documentary series entitled. ‘The Freedom March” in honor Terry Fox.

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The March of Freedom has been completed and all are invited to attend the home coming victory celebration and finale of the event which will also be filmed for the show. Mark will be at Rhythm and Cues on Lasalle Blvd in Sudbury, Ontario at 7PM to re-unite with friends and family back home to discuss the March of Freedom and to share stories from the journey. He would also like to personally thank the many friends and family from his hometown of Sudbury for the support and assistance for him and his family while on the March across Eastern Canada. Thank you to everyone for the support in all the communities across Eastern Canada. This March could not have been completed without you!

Mark Howitt debates GM foods on Local News

Published on Jun 2, 2013

Mark Howitt debates with local news outlet The Northern Life about Genetically Modified Foods and Monsanto just after the Global March Against Monsanto, which saw over 2 million protesters take to the streets all around the world on May 25th 2013. Matt Larcher also helped organize the event locally with others and is also interviewed in the video.

Full interview was about 30 minutes but was edited by the Northern Life.

The newest documentary by Mark Howitt has just been posted and explains a lot about the WPU. Check it out here

NWO: DOMINO EFFECT (2013 Full Documentary)

Published on May 5, 2013

A film by Mark Howitt

This documentary should be regarded as the “Silver Bullet” used against the New World Order. It was created in an attempt to make a difference by identifying the problems we face and by offering a real solution that is easily obtainable by all.

It’s time to bring down the house of cards by exposing the largest and most deadly criminal organization on the planet. Mark Howitt presents some of the most important problems that threaten the human race and explains solutions that are simple and achievable for everyone in the world. Each problem, or domino, is placed in line so that you can see what is really happening as a result of the empire that has a grip on the world. At the end, it all comes crashing down like a ton of bricks. NWO Domino Effect provides mountains of evidence of premeditated murder, genocide, crimes against humanity, deception, lies and government corruption. It is a view from deep within the rabbit hole and is the silver bullet, the Deathblow to the New World Order.

This documentary was created in an attempt to abolish this structure and show humanity how easy it is to transition and make the changes necessary for our continued survival. The artistic approach and in depth information presented in this documentary is truly shocking and yet inspirational, giving hope to humanity to give them the tools, strength and wisdom needed to take back the control of their own life.

This film should change the way you look at life, and therefore change the world as you know it as a result. If the information in this film does not have an influence on you then it is a sure sign that there is no hope left for humanity, because it means you have given up or are happy aiding in the death of millions of innocent people. The information presented in this documentary offer’s the solutions required to make the right changes to protect the world from the true evil that exists and colludes behind closed doors.

This is not a fictional pipe dream video, but rather our lives explained from the perspective of love and harmony, evolution and sustainability, and truth and justice for all. If you do not like the message of this video, then you are likely a member of the government, or have ties to this criminal empire and therefore are a criminal yourself, by your support for these criminal activities and fraudulent leaders.

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