Africa Arts and Culture Festival

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The Africa Festival of Arts &

Stay tuned it will take a couple of weeks for me to complete this post..I will post things as I get threm done.

This post is mostly from The African Arts & Culture Festival that takes place every summer in July on the Halifax waterfront. Below will be Photos and videos of all the performers.

Reality Ribbons & Ropes_6430AA

Clicking on videos below will play full play list consecutively.

Carson Downey Band_8751AA

Carson Downey_6408

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Carson Downey Band

Wheelchair Rights Report Africa Arts and Culture Festival in Halifax

Reeny Smith_8622

check out her revernation page

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Reeny Smith

Public Notice Concerning Artist Performer Renee Smith

Close up of Marius Vitry_8597

The Dynamic Toria Aidoo_6409
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Click on image in gallery for more options. Press F11 for full screen.


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