Hot Spots and Night Spots of Halifax

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This photo series starts in 1999. Many of these photos are for historical value as some of these places are no longer existing,

Some of these properties have been demolished. Business have closed or moved to other locations.


YourFathersMoustache3180TheToothyMouseCabaret_7236 WaterfrontWarehouse3230 TurkishDelight3181 ThePalace9346 TheKeg9333 TheItalianGourmet9631 SplitCrow9771 SeahorseTavern9711 TheFiveFisher9367 TheCarlton9375

Alter Egos Cafe_1649

Click on image in gallery below for more options. Press F11 for full screen.

CoconutGrove9324 GraniteBrewery9750 Midtown9329 O'Carrolls9787 Perks9555


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