Maritime Command Museum (1819) Tour

Maritime Command Admiralty House Naval Museum In Halifax Virtual Tour 3D slideshow

Please scroll down for full gallery.



I have done this photographic tour for historical value and not to promote the military machine.

The main building is the historical Admiralty House located on the navy base.

The museum was expanded with an addition on the back of the house.

Located in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. I hope you enjoy the tour.

MaritimeCommand6672 MaritimeCommand6621 MaritimeCommand6665 MaritimeCommand6591 MaritimeCommand6582 MaritimeCommand6633

MaritimeCommand6682 MaritimeCommand6727 MaritimeCommand6723 MaritimeCommand6728

Click on any image below for more options. Press F11 on your keyboard for full screen.

MaritimeCommand6860 MaritimeCommand6835 MaritimeCommand6843 MaritimeCommand6742 MaritimeCommand6779


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