Esquire Troy Kelly (Vamp) Explores Castle Grounds

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Esquire Troy Kelly does what he has done thousands of times in the hundreds of years he has existed.

He solemnly explorers his lonely desolate castle grounds and fortifications.

The Castle sits up on a high hill.

The castle has never been attacked as it has impenetrable fortifications with the death moat that surrounds it.

No one comes to visit for the local folks are terrified of the mysterious castle and its long scary history.

The locals says that Esquire Troy Kelly is a vampire.

Troy Kelly (Vamp)_6413AAA

Halifax Citadel Fortress – Courtyard Virtual Tour 3D slideshow

Troy Kelly (Vamp)_6104AAA Troy_5966 Troy Kelly (Vamp)_6352

Troy Kelly (Vamp)_6209AAA Troy_5988

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