Skateboarders and bicyclists

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SkateBoardDayCompetition_2139AA TheBowl12434ASkateboarders at Halifax Commons Skate Park

Old Commons Pond__6963A

Skateboading Aug 13 2014_6567A Skateboading Aug 13 2014_6623A

SkatePark 054 SkateBoardDayCompetition_2021SkatePark059

Halifax (Skateboarders) Helmet Reform

Halifax Commons Skateboard and Cycle Park (Competitions)

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Chemtrails – LongboardHalifax

Published on Mar 12, 2013

Quick edit put together from one of the first days of the season proper, practicing our tucks and drafting.

Song: Beck – Chemtrails


Justin Readings Fall Raw Run

Switchback Longboards  Published on Nov 4, 2013

Switchback Longboards team rider Justin Readings shreds down a sweepy freshly paved local Vancouver run on a beautiful fall day.

Greener Pastures Offshore EP1 The Island Featuring Levi Green

Published on Sep 26, 2013

The first episode “The Island” presents the project through our riders, location and the locals on the island. We owe the locals our gratitude and respect for working with us. Our very international and talented group of riders was requested for specific reasons as to what they would bring to the project. Our location and the rider’s difference in styles are revealed through foreshadowing what is to come in the five episode series.

Grind – Full Movie

Published on 28 Nov 2012 Grind (2003) Warner Bros.

Skate Proof – Full Movie – HD


HARDFLIP – Starring Randy Wayne, John Schneider, and Rosanna Arquette. Also starring Sean Michael Afable, Corey Sorenson and Christopher Michael.

Special Appearances by: Christian Hosoi, Brian Sumner, Bennett Harada, and Jay “Alabamy” Haizlip.

Hardflip follows the story of Caleb (Randy Wayne;To Save A Life, ABC Family’s The Lying Game) a young skater whose ill mother (Rosanna Arquette; Pulp Fiction, The Whole Nine Yards) and absent father (John Schneider; Dukes of Hazard, Smallville) leave him reaching for the only hope he has—becoming a sponsored skater. After finding a stack of old love letters, he sets out to find the father he never knew and inadvertently begins a journey he never could have expected. This story explores what happens when we let go of our anger and pain and forgive those who have hurt us most.

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We Are Skateboarders FULL MOVIE

Published on 23 Aug 2012

Published on 28 Jan 2013


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