B.E.Esmeralda Tallship of CHILE

Buque Escuela Esmeralda

B E Esmeralda Chillian Navy Tall Ship On Board Virtual Tour slideshow


Buque Escuela Esmeralda Tallship from Chillian Navy Virtual Tour 3D slideshow

B.E.Esmeralda(stitched) B.E.Esmeralda965 B.E.Esmeralda960 B.E.Esmeralda1

B.E.Esmeralda – CHILE Most beautiful tall ship. I received special permission from the Captain to go on board this military ship to do a complete virtual photographic tour series.

I was given a special privilege of being the only civilian ever to be permitted to do this photo series and permitted below decks.. What a most beauty ship. I hope you enjoy this special privilege of see these photos.. No one else has ever been given permission to do these photos..




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Click on any image below for more options. Press F11 on your keyboard for full screen.

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