Hot Motor Bikes and Choppers

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HondaGoldwing7198AA 50k-2493 CelebrityBike8305A902 Boyz Custom70168 Rocket True North Strong and Free


I’ v been turning in circle
smelling a stinker
throw my nose on idle
what a party pooper
to feel dirty
what a shame
to say help me
it s always the same
all i want is a fresh one
in shit i remain
so please someone

what s up today
yesss my birth day
i turn 83
feel like a new born baby
got no teeth
got no hair
sinking cheeks
and a loaded diaper

i use to ride on a Harley
things have change lately
now i ride a walker
yep what a stinker
but all i ask
a little help on the task
to change my loaded diaper

no shit had a full life
living on the wedge
of life sacrifice
ridding on the edge
life was an adventure
it s a different trip
since i v lost my denture
i v lost my grip
on the future
while receiving a new hip

just to make a short story
I am full of it
this ain’t no party
I am the one in it
I use to be dirty
but smelling good
help this bastard be
in a better mood

Christian Towsey
La PLUME Sanschaines
jan.8 2015 a.r.r.

HotBikes_0333BikerCrest2792 Trike2795


COVER Hawg Hauler 1953 FORD Panel Van

Compilation d’accidents de motos, du banal à très grave

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HarleyDavidson_2231 Honda600RR6238 Honda600F3CBR7111 HotBikes_0331 HotBikes_0338 HotBikes_0346 unknown7208AA Victory7151 BMW7043




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