1968 FORD Grand Torino

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FORD is a FOUR Letter Word 3D slide show

Unfortunately my camera’s auto focus was not working properly, so some of these images are not focused.. I did soon after replace the camera.

The young man in the photo had just bought this car. That had been brought in from a southern state where it is a very dry climate.

People who import southern cars need to realize that Nova Scotia being on the ocean means that these imports well very soon be very rusty unless great care is done to try and rust proof the car.

Even the rain and fog has salt content.. so best to keep these antiques as show cars and only take them out to show them on very hot dry days.

I was a master mechanic most of my life and I specialized on FORDs. There is not a FORD I could not strip to the frame and rebuild. I also built high powered sleeper muscle cars.

1968 FORD Grand Torino_40751968 FORD Grand Torino_40671968 FORD Grand Torino_40781968 FORD Grand Torino_4069Check out.


Click on image below for more options. Press F11 for full screen.


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