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Bluenose II Relaunch

Go to this link for the full library page of all nautical vehicles that includes the full library of amazing tall ships.

also see.

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Bluenose II_9426AALearn more about the Bluenose II at this link.

I sent an email to the Bluenose II website with the link to this photo album.

Below you can read the response I received from the director and then my response.

From: Director <>
Subject: Re: [Website feedback] New Photo album
To: “”
Received: Tuesday, April 9, 2013, 7:04 AM

Your information is incorrect. The rebuild did not start until January of 2011. There were no changes made to Bluenose II during the time you suggest. Your photos are out of date.

Capt Wayne Walters
Director of Operations
Bluenose II
(902) 529-2876

Re: [Website feedback] New Photo album

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 3:07 PM
“Daniel J Towsey”
“Director” <>

My response:

I think you are wrong… Take a close look at all the images..

I have the hi resolution pictures that I can zoom in to the minute details..

like the plaques attached with common Robinson head screws that the person tightening the screws let the driven slip and it damaged the square holes in the screw.

Then if you look.. You see absolutely no rust on the nicks..

Look around the whole boat and there is not on sign of age or weathering..

That is impossible unless the boat is absolutely new. I have taken will over a hundred thousand  pictures of boats and close ups on deck..

There is not even a tiny scratch anywhere…The boat is new..

I had asked the captain if he could come around the harbor with his sails open when he departs so I could get some pictures..

He swung it around and went close by me. Look at the pictures.. No dirt or aging even on the white sails…

The picture of the Bluenose show a completely new boat.. No wear of any kind on anything.. not even the ropes…

And do not tell me it is due to good maintenance..

The destructive nature of sea-salt would show some kind on damage..

Try to find one sign of wear or age anywhere that is shown in any of my photos..

the bluenose history if absolutely filled with scandals of corruption and even the theft of funds and the selling of of the

new engines that were purchased.

I am old and I remember and know much of the scandals..

You appear to be continuing the scandals and cover ups…

One of the main scandals, is the suck of huge amounts of tax payers money and then the cover ups,

so that there would be no accountability to the tax payers..

The only part of this boat that needed a little bit on maintenance in 2008 was a bit of black paint touch up on the hull near the railings..

You must hate my photos because they show that the huge amounts of tax payers money to rebuild this boat in 2011

appear to be just another fraud of sucking more tax payers funds..

Sorry if you do not like my comments and thoughts.. but I have no trust in any government insiders in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia has one of the most corrupt governments in the world…A government that always hides behind lies and deceptions..

So you think the date is wrong in my photos. Have a look at the picture of the sign with the scheduled stops for spring and summer 2008.

Your response to my email with the link to my Bluenose II photos did not have one comment of gratitude, kindness, or thanks..

which is usual for unthankful people who get everything for free at tax payers expense.

Only corrupt government insiders who live the good life of deception thanks to the tax payers are unappreciative.

Your lack of any appreciation for my work and photos is very obvious…

So now the majority of tax payers are around the Halifax area. And so why is it that the bluenose

II never shows appreciation by at least one a year coming to the Halifax port and giving free on board tour to the tax payers.

In 2008 from my memory, is the only time that tax payers were permitted to tour the boat..

I have been photographing all the ships in the Halifax harbor almost everyday for the past 15 years…

My response to your know it all response to my email is sounding negative towards you for good reason.

You had not one nice word to say in your email to me..

There are only two classes of people in Nova Scotia..

The very poor and those with very poor attitudes who live the good life off at the expense of the tax payers.

Nova Scotia has the highest poverty rate in Canada and the highest tax rate.. So where is all the money going.?

Where are all the transfer payments funds from the federal government going..

It all goes to the crooked government insider class..while the rest walk over broken sidewalks to the food banks..

The only people that have any class in Nova Scotia are the honest ones.

Which are kept at the bottom of the scale in poverty, because of the insiders corruption.
Welcome to Nova Scotia…the land of corruption.

From: Walters, Wayne A <>
Subject: RE: [Website feedback] New Photo album
To: “‘Daniel J Towsey'” <>
Received: Tuesday, April 9, 2013, 3:36 PM

Hi Daniel,

I have crewed on board for 14 years so I think I know a bit more about Bluenose II than you say I do.

I am also the grandson of Capt Angus Walters so I know the history.

I take exception and at the same time thank you for comments about the condition of the vessel.

All the hard work by me and my shipmates pays off.

Having done my share of scrapping, painting and varnishing I can tell you it is pride that keeps Bluenose II looking new.

As to the rest of your comments I can only say you should have been a politician.

All the best,

RE: [Website feedback] New Photo album

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 3:35 PM
“Daniel J Towsey”
“Wayne AWalters” <>
Thank you… for clearing things..up… And I was and am still very active in politics…The Bluenose is the pride of Nova Scotians.. It is a good thing that the Bluenose is now in good hands and is being well managed..But please come visit Halifax more often.. We miss seeing the Bluenose sailing in the Halifax harbor..Keep an eye on this page.. I have thousands of photos yet to be uploaded.You will love all the close ups of the amazing sailboats I have photographed.

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