You Can’t Miss When Your Firing A Canon

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I am about to break the Photographers taboo.

Professional photographers well never tell what equipment they use.

But I am not a Professional..I do not profess anything.

I am a Master Photographer.

So I well share with you how to be a Master. The first thing is to be truthful and honest always. Then with that mind set, you will be on the first step to achieving amazing real and truthful natural unedited master pieces of photography.

“You can’t miss when you fire a Canon”
This is the way to go hunting.

Arm yourself with a Canon..

And you well be a master marksman in no time.

Every shot counts..

So count on the Master’s Canon Powershot SX50 HS.

So I am about to give you detailed information about the very best camera ever made and I well share all my secrets with you, so Stay tuned…

Canon The Visionary_8125

Secret TIPS:

1…. Always secure your equipment by always wear a neck strap while handling the camera.. If you love your camera then take good care of it.

2… Canon was smarter than you think. They put the mics on top so that in windy conditions all you have to do is cup your hand over the mics. Do not worry if your volume control is set to auto the camera well automatic bring the volume up no matter how much you cover the mic so that you well not notice a sound volume drop.. It works great.

3…Don’t judge a camera by its pixel count..That only relates to the size of the image a camera can take. The quality and clarity of your images depends on the camera and the lenses. Pixels do not change in size.. You can not achieve a set number of pixels per square inch.

4… True Zoom.. be very careful to do this test when judging a camera zoom by the number stated on the camera.. No two brands use the same scaling for achieving declared measures of zoom.

Some cameras actually go from their normal wide  to normal sized vision.

Hold the camera up and away from you. Pick an object in the distance. Place that object right beside your screen. So now zoom in until the object appears the same size to the naked eye as on the screen. If the camera can bring the object closer beyond that point then that it is its’ true zoom.

5… Macro zoom.. Yes this camera does it.. Pick an object approximately 20 feet away and use the super zoom. You can macro to full zoom if you are withing the focusing range of the camera. If you are to close it well not focus at full zoom.

6…Never format your expensive super fast SD Cards.. Do not format in camera or computer. Fast SD cards have their own file format such as windows has NTFS.. If you format the SD card, you remove the special high speed format and it becomes just like any other regular SD cards… If you plug your SD card into your computer and your computer can not see it. You well need to go to the SD card makers site and download a tiny file that permits your computer to see the Fast SD card.. Just delete photos from your SD cards.

More tips coming soon.

Please scroll below photos for video reviews of this camera

Here is a letter I sent to Canon..

(This is a letter I sent to Canon)

You can’t miss when your firing a Canon

Your the best and that makes me the best….

I am known as The Visionary Folk Photographer.

See what Cannon Powershots Cameras can do at

I have been using Cannon Powershots since the SX1 IS..and before.

All your Cannon Powershot cameras are amazing and their reliability and performance is always just amazing..

But now you are blowing the world away with your new SX50 HS..

WOW it is mind blowing from the amazing image stabilizer and the dazzlingly clear 200 times zoom.

It is just amazing to be able to free hand hold the camera at full zoom and being able to take crystal clear photos of the moon..

I never us a tripod any more for night shots. I just sit in my electric wheelchair and shoot that the stars.

You have made it possible to reach the stars

and have made be a a star..

What is really amazing is that there is no flaws,

no discoloration on the edges of the moon..

I think even a powerful telescope would not be able to achieve the amazing photos this camera gets.

I only have one complaint.

You really need to call this camera “A professional point and shoot camera” because I am a pro and I only use the best camera on earth.

Your videos are excellent and you actually really

improved the problem with wind noise..

The smooth zoom in the videos makes my folk music videos

really impress everyone.

Check out some of my videos at

(please not that most of my previous videos

were done with the SX30 IS)

I really look forward to summer when I will be out doing my videos and photo shoots with this new mind blowing SX50 HS Powershot camera.

Your camera is amazing considering that I am disabled and sit in an electric wheelchair to do my videos and photo shoots.

I have little strength to hold the camera up and the amazing image stabilizer gives be a wonderful experience of producing photos and videos that no one would know about my disabilities.

The amazing zoom really makes up for the limitations

of not being able to go up close to flowers.

So often I sit on location far from the flower, the butterfly, the bird and people going by have no idea that the

powerful zoom gives me macro quality images..

Sometimes when I go up high on hills or in buildings and do my photography, people actually believe that I must be in an aircraft.

The ability to zoom in to get the image I want gives me such amazingly powerful shots as in Powershots..

And I really blow peoples minds when they see the results

of my firing my canon..

Like I said..”You can’t miss when your firing a Canon”

Yup, your camera really does blow away the competition..

The SX50 HS is quite the photographic weapon..

My pretty models also really like how easy it is for them

to just be happy, natural and beautiful.

This camera is so dependable and easy to use that

I never miss one of those beautiful butterfly smiles…

Here have a look at

You can only become a master photographer

if you go to the master camera makers…

And with the Cannon Powershot SX50 HS the master can count on the masters at Cannon to take care of all the technical settings.

I assure you all out there.

You too can become a master, because mastering

this powerful Cannon is no problem.

I guarantee you that when you aim your Cannon at your target,

you definitely will blow their minds.

So please go out there and start shooting images

of the beauty on this planet..

Cannon has made it possible for you to be a

master photographer..

Thank You Cannon..

Sincerely Daniel J Towsey

Click on thumbnails. Press F11 for full screen.

Have a look at the video reviews

Have a look at the Zoom on this camera.

Canon Powershot SX60 HS Review & Comparison SX60HS vs SX50HS

Published on Nov 2, 2014

In this video we look at the brand new Canon Powershot SX60HS. We also compare the SX50HS and the SX60HS to see what has changed. Did Canon improve on the SX60HS?

We will look at image, video and sound quality with lots of samples. If you are new to our videos get ready to learn a lot about photography with all the links presented during the show to make you “The Master of your Camera!”

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Canon PowerShot Pro-Tips – The Big Picture



“You can’t miss when you fire a Canon”

This is the way to go hunting. Arm yourself with a Canon.. And you well be a master marksman in no time. Every shot counts.. SO count on the Master’s Canon Powershot SX50.  This is not a professional camera..It is a Masters Camera…

vivek ramchandani

How to set camera at burst. Plz tell.
Yes I notice that detail was missing in the video and is difficult to find on the camera.. Set the camera dial on top to SCN there you will find the Portrait setting…that is where the burst option is hidden.. and it works for all shots, So I wonder why it is under portraits..

Published on Feb 5, 2013

Links for stuff I mentioned here –
Canon SX50 Arrives and I love it!
What a powerful super-zoom, from 24mm to 1200mm!!!!



You are wrong the videos do 1920px not just 1080..1980 is to good for Youtube..Youtube only creates 1080 videos so I never use the super high resolution for my Youtube uploads.

Canon Powershot SX50hs Review

Published on Mar 18, 2013

In this video we look at the superzoom Canon Powershot SX50hs. We will look at image quality, ISO performance, video quality and then finally what does 1200mm zoom look like.

Canon SX50 – Six Reasons to Replace Your Long Lens With the Canon SX50

Published on Feb 13, 2013

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

Published on Oct 26, 2012

Canon Powershot SX50 HS slow motion 120fps test

Published on Oct 22, 2012

This is something different. Not even HD! Wanted to test slow motion mode (120fps, 640×480) in Canon SX50. The quality is not so good, but i like it anyway.
If you need to relax – watch this!

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS -Emirates video fantastic zoom and photos my aeroplanes!

Published on Mar 6, 2013


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