Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park in Halifax Nova Scotia 3D slideshow

Surf_1175AAABluejay_1421AAPointPleasantPark_4280Seals at Point Pleasant_6150AAHuge Seal Spotted at Mouth of Halifax Harbour at Point Pleasant Park

Published on Nov 10, 2015

I was not able to clearly see the huge seal with the naked eye or on the small screen of my camera…not until I viewed the video could I see it clearly..it does seem like a huge seal that has never been seen in the Halifax harbour before..

Gold Dragonfly_2390AAHistoric House at Point Pleasant Park 3D slideshow


Starring Contest With A Squirrel at Point Pleasant Park


Historic Fortifications Point Pleasant Park 3D slideshow

Point Pleasant Park Pond

Lily_6600AAAWheelchair Cam Point Pleasant Park Spring Time in Halifax

PointPleasant_4369North West Arm Entrance at Point Pleasant Park

Dragonfly at Point Pleasant Park Pond

Starlings In The Tree

Wheelchair Cam Going Through Point Pleasant Park

Click on first image for manual full sized slideshow and more options. Press F11 on your keyboard for full screen.



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