Halifax and Dartmouth

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Halifax Nova Scotia Like you’ve never seen it before.

Published on Dec 19, 2012  

Super rare footage of Halifax NS,from the 1940s 1950s and 1960s


See full Events in Halifax video play list here.


Amazing Rock Formation_0020Ecology Action Centre_5032

Halifax Harvest Concerts at City Hall



Free Hugs Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

Victorian Home_0495AAAWinter Ducks at Public Gardens__6381

Featuring Artist Bill Johnson of Halifax Nova Scotia 3D slideshow

Blues Brothers Car_0033

Wheelchair Report about New Ferry Boat in Halifax

Driving Downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia – Downtown to Point Pleasant Park


About Halifax, Nova Scotia



The City of Halifax was an incorporated city in Nova Scotia, Canada, which was established as the Town of Halifax in 1749, and incorporated as a city in 1842. On April 1, 1996, the government of Nova Scotia dissolved the City of Halifax, and amalgamated the four municipalities within Halifax County and formed Halifax Regional Municipality, a single-tier regional government covering that whole area. The city was the capital of Nova Scotia and shire town of Halifax County. It was also the largest city in Atlantic Canada.

The Town of Halifax was founded by British government under the direction of the Board of Trade and Plantations under the command of Governor Edward Cornwallis in 1749. The British founding of Halifax initiated Father Le Loutre’s War. During the war, Mi’kmaq and Acadians raided the capital region 13 times.

Halifax was founded below a glacial drumlin that would later be named Citadel Hill. The outpost was named in honour of George Montague-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax, who was the President of the British Board of Trade. Halifax was ideal for a military base, with the vast Halifax Harbour, among the largest natural harbours in the world, which could be well protected with batteries at McNab’s Island, the North West Arm, Point Pleasant, George’s Island and York Redoubt. In its early years, Citadel Hill was used as a command and observation post, before changes in artillery that could range out into the harbour.

After a protracted struggle between residents and the Governor, the City of Halifax was incorporated in 1842.

Since the creation of HRM in 1996, the area of the former City of Halifax is referred to as an unincorporated “provincial metropolitan area” by the provincial government’s place name website and the area is referred to as “Halifax, Nova Scotia” for civic addressing and as a placename.

The area is administered as two separate community planning areas by the regional government for development,Halifax Peninsula and Mainland Halifax. It forms a significant part of the Halifax urban area. Residents of the former city are called “Haligonians”.

Halifax New Public Library Wheelchair Cam Tour Jan 3 2015

mural_4977Film Crew Student Class on Main St DartmouthBluejay_0048AAA Utility Box Art_Utility Box Art_0039

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Racism in Halifax (1962)

Uploaded on Jul 28, 2010

Racism in Halifax Broadcast Date: June 24, 1962 Racist attitudes responsible for the miserable conditions of Africville are prevalent in the city of Halifax in the 1960s. In this footage from a 1962 CBC documentary called Close-up: Figure Your Colour Against Mine, a CBC reporter talks to “folks on the street” about racism in Canada. During an interview with a young black man, the reporter uses a derogatory term for black residents. 

• In the 1960s black Canadians found it difficult to get the most basic services such as renting and buying houses, finding employment and getting haircuts.
• While the majority of Halifax’s black population did not live in Africville, it was home to those who wanted to live relatively free from the racist attitudes of the predominantly white population.


Inukshuks_3048AA SunsetTree_3054AAA


BridgeSunset_3263 MichaelJackson&Elvis_2298AA Michael_7514 MARITIMEHEAVYARMOUR_0282 Miss CKDU_1340AA Beautiful Wild Animals Gideen Rogers__098_


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