flying birds in sky

Beautiful Birds 3D slideshow

kaizer hund says

I’m watching this again, its fantastic.  Perfect accompanying music to it too,.

When I came here I flew on a wing, or at least, that’s what I think, when I hear them all sing.
Stand Ye still and silent and listen to their song, surrounded by sapphires, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds is where we all belong.
Not gems and rocks taken from the ground, but birds in our skies and trees, each unique, each in their colours, and each in their sounds.
Let fly and flutter our flags for our fine-feathered friends, so many are gone now, having met terrible ends, mostly as a result of, the stuff we never thought of, like – Do they have a soul?, as we eat them in a bread roll, or how much will we value our “valuable” and rare stones? when all that is left of our once beautiful birds is piles of bare, bleached bones.

Scroll down for videos and full photo gallery.

Promo-Art-Osprey2378Vulture And Falcon Near Lake Superior Northern Ontario – Across Canada Road Trip

See full series with photos

A Harris Hawk Named Phoenix_3380AA

RedcrestedBlackbird_6522AAABluejay_0055AAbald eagle_7761AAASee related post.

Red-crested Black Bird


Starlings In The Tree

Bald Eagle_3938

Watching Pigeon Chick Growing in Nest Series Click here to view.

amazing starlings murmuration (full HD) –

Spectacular Super Giant Murmuration Flock of Starlings up close

An amazing Starling Murmuration, Galway Ireland 2013 HD

60.000 Starlings in Flight


Tree Swallows

Cormorant_9349AAAtree swallow, male – guard, preen and sing


Slow Motion Pigeon Clap – Slo Mo #16 – Earth Unplugged

Black Bird_6934birds in seaweed_6294AAA

Osprey Calling (1)


Osprey Chick Atop Nest


Osprey in nest feeding offspring

Seagull Eyeball_8259Relaxing at Maynard Lake in Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Woodpecker in Verdun Nature Park in Montreal Quebec


Watching Love Birds in a cage

Robin_5968AAAPigeon Mating Rituals


Click on first image for larger size and more features. Press F11 for full screen.


Crow on lighting rod 25 stories up


Why Put Stones in Your Bird Bath?

Why Put Stones in Your Bird Bath?

Turns out that stones in the bird bath are more than just an aesthetic element. In fact, they may even save a life.

“This morning a little bird was flapping his wings frantically in the bird bath,” said Crystal Carvotta-Brown, a cat rescue volunteer in Massachusetts. “At first I thought he was just cleaning his feathers but then I realized that he was in distress.”

Crystal, an avid community organizer who has helped place hundreds of throw-away cats, was quick to take action when she sensed danger.

“I walked over to him and he didn’t even try to fly away so then I thought he was injured,” Crystal said. “I used a large stick for him to hop on to which he did but then proceeded to try to fly and fell to the ground. He started running away from me. I was able to get him and get him safely into a cat carrier and contacted a wildlife rehabber. Turns out he was just a baby sparrow and got himself pooped out trying to get out of the bird bath because his feathers were all wet and he couldn’t fly.”

“Once he dried off he started flying around inside the cat carrier so I brought him back outdoors and opened the carrier door and off he flew. I’m thrilled that he is okay but can’t help but feel stupid for never thinking that the little bit of water in there might be too deep for a baby bird! The rehabber recommended that I put a couple of large stones in the bird bath so that smaller birds can get themselves up on top of them to dry off and get their bearings again.

Perhaps other people know this but I figured it was worth sharing for those of you that do have bird baths so that if you haven’t you can also consider making them safer for the smaller babies. ”

Crystal hopes that her experience will help others protect fledgling birds in their yards.

Enjoy more health and safety tips for pets and wildlife here on Facebook.


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