Halifax Victoria Public Gardens

Victorian Public Gardens in Halifax 3D slideshow (Full Movie)

Please scroll down for full photo gallery

Victorian Public Gardens in Halifax Virtual 3D Tour slideshows 1-10


Welcome to your virtual tour.
Where you will get to see and experience history and beauty while going through the times of,
The Victorian Halifax Public Gardens.
Your Tour will be conducted by The Visionary Folk Photographer. Daniel J Towsey
So sit back and enjoy ‘Enchanted Journey’ sounds of Kevin MacLeod

Here is the link to the full play list page on Youtube.


Clicking play on this video below will start the complete series to play to the end..


Nadia Stepanek says Nice.

Bob Renner says that’s just down right neat,,,

Scroll down for full gallery and videos.

Photos in this gallery start from 1999.

Also do see this.


Thunderstorm at Pond in Halifax Public Gardens

GLOW-PublicGardens_0461aaaLovers_6811What happened to the turtles at the Halifax Public Gardens

Halifax Public Gardens Birds & Flowers

PublicGardens_4094AAAHalifax Public Gardens – Duck

COVER-Dawn in the garden_2152A


Restored Historic Jubilee Fountain At Halifax Victoria Gardens slideshow

PublicGardens18772 Lynn_0130A


Halifax Public Gardens – Geese


Halifax Public Gardens Stroll (1)


Halifax Public Gardens Stroll (2)


Turtles Swimming in Halifax Public Gardens


Halifax Public Gardens (Spring)


Starlings bathing in the fountain at the Halifax Public Gardens

Fish Public Gardens_4347Gold Fish in Halifax Public Gardens

Fish Public Gardens_4205Spring Garden Rd Halifax PANORAMIC

Duck1279 PGgoose1813A

Victorian Public Gardens in Halifax 3D slideshow (Full Movie)


Wheelchair Report – Halifax Public Gardens City Truck on Sidewalk (1of2)

See full report with photos here. http://wheelchairrights.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/city-worker-parks-and-blocks-busiest-sidewalk-in-halifax-in-front-of-public-gardens/

Click on first image for larger size and more features. Press F11 for full screen.

Film Crew at Halifax Public Gardens Wheelchair Cam

The Victoria Public Gardens is on The Halifax Commons Land.

See friends of the Commons


See Friends of the Public Gardens






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