The Visionary Folk Photographer

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Welcome To The Visionary Folk Photographer Galleries and Folk Videos of Nova Scotia

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NOTICE: Youtube Flash Block add on browser extension needed for this site

so all the videos won’t all start playing automatically when you load a page.

Technical Note;

All photos on this site are 1200 DPI. That means that they will make great prints and also they can be re-sized up to a maximum of 4000 px.


I am spending many many months reorganizing and setting up this new photo site

because my Webshots site that I had reached a million views and had used for 13 years was discontinued,  then my Photoshop website was also discontinued.. So I have had to create my own photo site and re configure all my images.

It will take over a year of photo work to do to set up many more of my photo albums..

Then add to that, that it is now spring and I am now getting very active in my new photos and video productions.


I hope you enjoy these images from beautiful Nova Scotia Canada.

I will always be adding more images to most of my preexisting photo albums.

So be sure to come back to see the new additions.

All comments are greatly appreciated.

Please see copyright notice at bottom.

Be sure to check out all my folk videos of performers, buskers, singers and more.

You can access my folk videos in the pages up above.

Then check out some of my models portfolios at.

Dreamgirls Butterfly Smiles 3D slideshow


Don’t miss the amazing photos of Nibiru at

Snap Boogie_106AAA_


Here are more of my websites.




Bluenose II_8109

Stdent Loans Jack-o-lantern_5200

Click on images in gallery below for more options.

Press F11 on your keyboard for full screen.

Surf_1174AAAFishingBoat_1127AAShubiePark_3434AAmeadow2885AAAPeggysCove_7698AFIL18895BoardwalkRainbow20033AAAPastelSunrise7872AAGLOW-Fountain at commons_AAArt Gallery2975ofNovaScotiaFishermansCove8348FordComet5455PrideParade_8794MayorPeterKelly & Daniel J TowseyNaturalHistory399Mi'kmaqNativeScene3424AAAAviationMuseum3090AviationMuseum2999Citadel Sunset Cerimony_5515aaCitade1948CanadaGames_1869DUCK_9503AAAfrog_8575AAAPastelSunrise7915AAALovers_6811RockinRollie&OzMatteo273DingleTower2040Northwest Arm_4023AAGLOW-Sunset1360AAART3272CowMoose5MoonCity_2901A

Wildflowers_0751AAATelephoneBox488FIL71406Scott Dunbar _088_Miss Molotov_053_Galumpha_037_FlameOz_065_Copper Girl_126_

Copyright Notice

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